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Do you know Moonlighting ?


It is the '80's hottest TV show in the USA.
All Moonlighting DVDs have been released recently by Sony Pictures in Japan. Nostalgically I tried to watch them in order, then I realized Maddie and David were still ALIVE! Although the show ended back in 1989, those two characters entertain me day after day. If you are a fan of excellent romantic comedies, you can't miss Moonlighting.


I'd also like to express my special thanks to Glenn Gordon Caron for creating the fantastic show that is always enjoyable even today, and Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd who brought the lives to the most attractive duo: David Addison and Maddie Hayes in the television history.

This blog is for entertainment purpose only. The characters, episodes and other properties are not mine,  they belong to ABC circle pictures. No infringement intended.

Note: I have to say that I'm not an English speaker besides I started studying English again three years ago. Therefore I'm not sure I'd write correctly, but this is my challenge and enjoyment, please forgive my humble English writings.

Note 2: April, 2010, I have dicided to use this blog as my dialy in order to improve my English.

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Sherlock 4

My favorite crime drama, the latest season Sherlock 4 has aired recently on Saturday night three times in a row in July. As I had been waiting for it for a long tome, I enjoyed very much this season.
The acters, especially Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are brilliant, I really miss them as Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson. My most favorite part of the show is their banter. In a dangerous situation, they talk very fast during running and fighting with enemies.
Sherlock's shaky mind between sanity and insanity is amazing. He shows it with brilliant performance.


It is surprising that Homes has a sister and she is genius but insane, did a terrible thing when she was little. She has been in prison since then. Sherlock doesn't know about it and he meets her in a desperate situation. All the acters' performances are so good but I am a little unsartisfied at the ending. Because I am not convinced that she is such a easy person to be calm. 
It is too bad that John's wife has gone and this is a goodbye for a long time.
I will be waiting for the new episode in the future.

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8days of Italy

It was almost 2 months ago that I traveled several cities in Italy. I felt my health condition was better than last year, so anyway I joined one of the Italy tours to visit Venice. Venice was the biggest tourist...

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Quotable quote

1I just want to have the quote page in my book.

You can't enjoy the show without these witty lines.

1. Do bees bee...do bears bear?

2. Get out of my car!

3. Boink

4. Stop it...stop it...stop it!

5. Sissy fighter.

6. Not another word, not another sound, not another peep untill we get back to the office!

7.You sleep in a pen!

8. Not a word, not a syllable...

9. Come here stupid.

10. No flies on you.

11. Step on the pedal Gretel!

12. Mediocre minds think alike.

13. The Mall has it all.

14. Ladies...any rug burned backs? Liars.

15. Absatalutly.

16. You're just jealous jealous jealous!

17. A clue...a clue...a clue.

18. Oh my goodness...oh my badness...

19. A gnat with a lobotomy could fool you!

20. Mark my word maturity is its own reward.

21. You know it, and I know it.

22. I'm glad you're my partner, partner.

23. What's wrong...you never met a sequel before?

24. It's tough being blonde and beautiful in today's America.

25. That's not personality.. that's affliction!

26. Stop now, while there's still tome.

27. Tonight, the itch gets scratched!

28. That's the things about spontaneity...a little goes a long way.

29. Lady gets in trouble, it's nice to know she has someone to call.

30. Save the farm, confide in me.

31. That's not romance... that's dirty solitaire!

32. Got any raw meet?

33. It's Friday... the day people get paid, the night people get what rhymes with paid...

34. Take two... they're small.

35. And they say nothing works like bread crumbs.

36. I get trichinosis just looking at you!

37. Yeah, well, you smell awful.

38. Guess you can't blow your nose with these guys.

39. What does that mean?

40. You think you know a person?

41. The best things in life are the things you don't have to think through.

42. There's nothing wrong with weighing the pro's and con's.

43. You really are a piece of work, Maddie!

44. I'm having a hard enough time sorting everything out without going fifteen rounds with you.

45. There I am all right!

46. I'm not having this conversation!

46. It's entirely possible that i was over served.

47. Fine, fine! Good good!

48. Tell me what to do, and I'll do it!

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Fukushima Destination

May 16, 17... My friend and I went to Fukushima for flower viewing.

The first day.....MIHARU TAKIZAKURA


The second day.....Izaka Onsen HANAMOMO no SATO




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My current favorite TV shows
Sherlock 3

The Big Bang Theory season 1,2,3

Downton Abbey

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A City of Nature


When my plane was landing on The Vancouver International Airport, I saw the incredible sight of the city from the small window. There were so many glassed skyscrapers on the small peninsula which was surrounded by the grand nature, the sea and mountains. It was a stunning view I had never seen and I was so excited.

Our hotel was located at the Lonsdale Quay in the North Vancouver and we took the sea-bus to the downtown of Vancouver. We enjoyed the great view of the small bay every morning we went to the school.


Vancouver has many rich green arias of land. We went to Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Stanley Park and Capilano Suspension Bridge for our afternoon activities and it was so thrilling and refreshing!


I think Vancouver is one of the amazing cities in the world because we can enjoy both nature and city life. We can feel many different cultures in the city and enjoy food, activities and shopping. It is fun to stroll the streets looking into many shops. I bought new yoga clothes at the well-known shop, Lulu Lemon Athletica at a reasonable price. We fully enjoyed seafood, such as lobsters, oysters and salmon at the good restaurants. I was also interested in going to the super markets and I got many different kinds of salad, meat and fruit for my own dinner. They have organic food and many restaurants make a box for your leftover. I think this is a good idea not to waste food. At times I ate them in my hotel room and they were good. Sushi is one of the popular foods in Vancouver and we tried it at one of the Japanese restaurants. However the taste is a little different from Japanese sushi. I think Vancouver has lots of arranged food and they are developing all the time. It is interesting to see cultural exchanges of food between many foreign countries and we enjoyed it.

I had a lot of fun in the downtown and took a rest looking at the beautiful bay. It was a perfect way to spend my holidays!

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Thank you Vancouver!

I have been to Vancouver for two weeks from June 9 to 24 attending VIC (Vancouver International College) and visiting many awesome places such as Victoria and Seatlle. I got back to Japan on Monday, but I haven't gotten over my jet lag yet. I woke up 3:30 am this morning and decided to sort out the pictures I had taken during the trip.

The first thing I'd like to say is that I am really grateful to the people I've met in Vancouver. They have been not only friendly but very supportive to our visiting. Thank you, VIC!

It is remarkable that people of Vancouver are very warm and friendly to visiters, I never felt out of place in the city during my visit. Most people understood visiters very well and they were supportive, I was surprised when I asked a passerby the way to the bus stop, he kindly guided me to the place! I heard the similar stories from every Japanese visiter. In addition, Vancouver is surprisingly safe, for example, I saw several young girls going home by her self in midnight and I got my things back twice when I left them at the restaurant and cafe!


Now, I think it is not surprising that Vancouver is always selected for one of the most desirable cities to live in the world.

Anyway I am going to write what I have had in Vancouver for a while.

Thank you for your hospitality, Vancouver!    

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Beautiful Wisterias in Ashikaga Flower Park

My friend and I went to Ashikaga Flower Park again last Thursday and it was absolutely great fun for this Golden Week. The day was between the national holoday at the start and end of the week, because we thought the holidays must be very crowded to travel for two hours on train. And of course we guessed right! We took Tobu Railway and JR to get there this time. We left Kita-senjyu St. at 8:21am and transferred to JR at Tochigi St. at 9:26 and then headed to Tomita St. We arrived there 10:02 am. My friend had already checked the best way to get back to Tokyo, she is an expert traveler, so we could fully enjoy our one day outing! I think we have been a little obsessed with the beautiful wisterias in the park. Two years ago we went there on a bus tour for the first time and very impressed with those beautiful flowers.

The park has five huge wisteria trellises and they are so proud of them.

cuteTwo of them called "GIANT WISTERIA" : over 145 years old and each trellis covers 1000㎡.↓


cute"GIANT&LONG WISTERIA" : its flowers grow to 1.8m long! ↓



cute"DOUBLE-PETALED WISTERIA" looks like a grape wine trellis from afar. ↓


cute"WHITE WISTERIA" makes a fantastic flower tunnel! But unfortunately we were a little early... ↓



cute"YELLOW WISTERIA" makes a beautiful tunnel, too.. But we were too early... ↓


cute"LIGHT PINK WISTERIA" makes the little bridge so gorgeous!


cute"PURPLE WISTERIA" matches beautiful flowers perfectly!


Anyway, the park is filled with many different kind of flowers. We very much enjoyed such wonderful sights and the delightful scent of the flowers.

We stopped by the KURITA MUSEUM on the way to the Tomita St. It has many luxury porcelains, such are Imari and Nabeshima. We appriciated them for a while.

It was such a great day and I am so happy that I shared it with my dear friend! Thank you S!

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Les Miserables

Res_misI finally watched "Les Miserables" three days ago and I had been very looking forward to seeing it since last August. The actors were fantastic in their roles. I think they did a great job. Needless to say, the story is based on the French historical novel written by Victor Hugo in the 19 century, which I know as "The Jean Valjean Story" since I was a kid.

I think they captured this chaotic period in France very well realistically and artistically, such as many poor people...especially the oppressed women and children, political corruption and universal theme which is love, freedom and equality. However I didn't feel enough Jean Valjean's life and his natural enemy Javert, a fanatic police inspector in the film. I have been thinking why? Maybe this is a musical or they are too gorgeous actors, Hugh Jackman is too cool and handsom as Jean Valjean although he is a very talented actor and his voice is strong enough to sing out the musical numbers. Russell Crowe looks great as Javert but I felt his voice was too soft for the cruel inspector. I loved "I Dreamed a Dream" which Anne Hathaway sings in her role Fantine and I think she did a wonderful job.

What is remaining in my heart after watching? I love "On My Own" the most and many young people who were sacrificed in the battle for the revolution...especially Eponine, Enjolas and a child named Gavrache. They loved and fought and sacrificed themselves, all of them made me cry.

ps. Les miserables won 3 Golden Globes!

Congratulations, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and all the people who were involved in the work!!!

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